• 10-09-2024 - 10-12-2024
  • Expo Centre Sharjah

20th International Education Show October 09-12, 2024 Expo Centre Sharjah

Be a part of biggest education show supported by the UAE Ministry of Education

20th International Education Show
October 09-12, 2024
Expo Centre Sharjah

Supported by Ministry of Education, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Sharjah Private Education Authority & Organised by Sharjah Expo Centre

4 days take your institute 4 years ahead!

An unparalleled platform to showcase all your courses. And the Expo transforms your institute into a marked brand in the international education sphere. Any guess on the number of footfalls? Around 3,00,000! Definitely a great movement!

General Visiting Hours:Wed, 9-Oct: 8am – 2pm
Thur, 10-Oct: 8am – 2pm
Fri, 11-Oct: 3pm – 9pm
Sat, 12-Oct: 3pm – 9pm

Facts and Figures 

  • The UAE has the highest number of international schools in the region, and the second highest in the world, at 624.
  • UAE to invest Dh5bn in school system overhaul over six years. (MoE)
  • Dubai’s international higher education institutions reported annual enrolment growth of 3.6 per cent, with more than 29,000 students currently enrolled in university programmes. (KHDA)
  • Around 13,480 UAE students are studying abroad at international universities. (UNESCO)
  • The number of K12 students in the GCC is said to be around 16.3 million. (KidsBuddy)
  • By 2030, countries in MENA will see a 23 per cent increase in school-age population, resulting in the need for approximately 25 million additional students to be accommodated in the education systems. (UNICEF)

Objective of Study in Pakistan Pavilion

  • To provide an excellent opportunity to Pakistani Public and Private Sector Universities to showcase their programmes and interact directly with the aspiring students from Sharjah and its suburbs.
  • A signature event of Expo Centre Sharjah and being held annually while next show is the 20th Edition.
  • This is the only educational expo in Sharjah for which school visits are guaranteed by the relevant Government Authorities being the major supporters of the event.
  • Each year thousands of aspiring students from public and private educational institutions attend this expo along with the administration, students’ counsellors and faculty members
  • This is the most popular higher education event in the country and the region.
  • Higher Education is a major driver of economic growth in this knowledge -based economy and Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the ardent supporter of this event. 
  • Members of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the office bearers regularly attend this event along with their families to explore the higher educational opportunities & professional growth.
  • Sharjah is well-known for its mega events starting from sports to cultural and educational ones. International Education Show and International Book Fair are the two biggest events in the region.

The show is even more attractive for Pakistani Universities, Higher Educational Institutions, Medical colleges, Engineering and IT institutions since Sharjah and its suburbs has the maximum concentration of overseas Pakistanis families and business community.

Participation’s Objectives

  • International Student Recruitment from over 100 plus nationalities 
  • Expansion of services/branch campuses in the region with high affordability
  • Collaboration Opportunities with world’s reputed universities from 20 plus countries
  • Explore investment opportunities in the region for further expansion 
  • Attract investors to invest in your brand solely or through joint ventures
  • Develop Networking with the global partners to work on joint ventures

Reasons to Participate

Top Ten Reasons to Participate in 20th Edition of International Education Show
The International Education Show will give you a great opportunity to present your higher education programmes, scholarships, admission details and key information about life as a student at your institution to thousands of students from across the region.

It attracts tens of thousands of students and their parents because the show offers the widest choice of under-graduate, post-graduate, professional and vocational courses in disciplines ranging from medicine to engineering and management to new-age study programmes.

  1. Rising demand for higher education options
  2. Growing economy and population 
  3. Rapidly increasing growth in school enrolments
  4. Increase in budget allocation
  5. High rate of better job prospects
  6. Rapid growth in investments
  7. Second Largest overseas Pakistanis population in the world
  8. Sharjah and its suburbs have the maximum concentration of Pakistanis in the UAE
  9. The biggest 4-days Education Show in the region with separate days for Boys & Girls
  10. Traditionally children of majority of overseas Pakistanis families are already studying in Pakistani universities and institutions.

Who can participate in this show

  • Universities from public and private sectors
  • Medical Universities, Colleges and Allied Health Institutions
  • Engineering Universities/Institutions from public/private sectors
  • Public Sector Authorities and Organizations on higher education
  • Foreign Universities Campuses and affiliated institutions
  • Distance/Virtual/Online learning institutions and companies 
  • Edtech companies and institutions with services and products
  • Institutions offering Information and Emerging Technologies 
  • Networks of Schools & Group of Colleges seeking franchisees
  • Scholarships Offering organizations and Endowment Funds etc
  • Banks and other financial institutions offering financial services 
  • Technical and Vocational Institutions offering short and diploma courses
  • Student Recruitment Consultancy Firms and Regional Offices of foreign universities 
  • Immigration/Law Firms offering professional. Family and investors immigration options 
  • Career Guidance Centre and Job Placement Agencies seeking quality graduates
  • Travel Agents and Money Changers offering services to students and institutions
  • Time : 8:00 am - 2:00 pm (Asia/Dubai)

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